As the widely renowned industry event, Mobile World Congress, or MWC, comes to a close, the technology and telecommunications industries now have a clearer picture of how the rest of 2023 will progress; including innovations, areas of focus, and new products that will shape product and service telecommunications portfolios.

As a result, Juniper Research will present its key takeaways from this year’s MWC in this whitepaper.

A major theme emerging this year was the future of enterprise connectivity and the steps that industry stakeholders, including operators, device vendors, and service providers, can take to capitalize on this emerging opportunity.


Shown below are 10 key takeaways from the event, and how Juniper Research expects these trends to play out over 2023. 

1. Growth of 5G monetization will be found outside North America and Europe

2. Economic conditions force telecommunications to move the focus from growth to profitability

3. Satellite-based connectivity will play a prominent role for telcos in 2023

4. Greater focus on sustainability in 5G networks roll-out

5. Extent of eSIM growth will be driven by new standards for IoT sectors

6. Investment into customer experience solutions will drive differentiation amongst service providers

7. Private cellular networks to proliferate to more industries

8. Wi-Fi 7 and standalone networks to impact the roll-out of private 5G

9. Technology leaders highlight the importance of edge-to-cloud computing

10. vRAN to accelerate operator adoption of OpenRAN architecture


Additionally, these topics are explored in more detail throughout the whitepaper; providing key analysis and market forecasts for these verticals. Juniper Research provides both off-the-shelf research and bespoke content across more than 90 research topics in the digital technology ecosystem. 


Download the free whitepaper: