N. Uchral: State services will be transitioned to the operator mode

25 November 2022

During a presentation about the introduction of the Lavlagaa. e-Mongolia. mn system today, N.Uchral, Minister of the Ministry of Digital Development and Communications (MDDC), said that the MDDC is working with the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs to develop a law package to overcome the regulatory obstruction, which will be submitted to the Parliament.

N. Uchral said that the law package will resolve a number of issues in legal and judiciary systems, banking, and finance industries. Furthermore, they are working with ministries to improve cooperation between government institutions. The newly established State Digital Services Regulatory Authority will provide comprehensive support to reduce congestion. He also added that in the future, public services will be transitioned to the operator mode. To quickly deliver government e-services, it is possible to provide operator services to all provinces and sums, which can be outsourced from the private sector. 

In the future, there will be organized policy management to enable banks, private organizations, telecommunications, postal, and operator companies to provide public services. Currently, there are six one-stop service centers in Ulaanbaatar. This one-stop service will be completely redeployed by management reorganization and operator mode. The private sector will provide operator services, as long as they meet information security standards.


Source: https://ikon.mn/n/2q9z