Telecom operator leaders met with the new Minister of Digital Development and Communications

On September 2, 2022, N.Uchral, the Minister of Digital Development and Communications, met with the leaders of MICOA member organizations. At the meeting, he presented the policies and objectives of the Ministry and exchanged views regarding future cooperation.

The meeting participants include B.Munkhbat (President of MICOA and Executive Director of Information Communications Network LLC), B.Chinbat (Executive Director of MTC), E.Erdenesuren (Deputy Director of Legal and Policy Regulation of Mobicom Corporation), G.Amarchingun, (Executive Director of Skytel LLC), D.Enkhbat (Executive Director of Unitel Group), G.Magnai (Executive Director of GMobile LLC), Ch.Enkhmend (Executive Director of Skynetworks LLC), and U.Tamir (Executive Director of MICOA).

Minister N.Uchral said there was a lack of dedicated government policy in the telecommunications industry in the past, and this situation needs to be addressed and improved. As a result, the minister is planning to review the policies and make the necessary changes to the legislation. He also promised close cooperation, prompt actions, and demonstration of leadership by providing policy support and training modern, innovative and competitive human resources. There are many opportunities in the telecommunications industry to contribute to social and economic growth and other areas of development, and N.Uchral emphasized the importance of facilitating open, responsible, and productive cooperation with companies within the industry.

He also expressed that he would work quickly on implementing the 37 regulations accompanying the digital development laws, delivering public services promptly, and improving the corruption index. Additionally, since the IT & telecom sectors require specialized skills compared to others, the government will leverage opportunities to outsource skills from the private sector and professional associations. He highlighted that the industry is entirely liberalized and has strong leadership of the private sector. As such, the government will not look to compete with the private sector but instead will create opportunities for effective partnerships between the public and private sectors.