Met Chairman of Communication and Information Technology Authority

U.Tamir, Executive Director of Mongolian Information and Communication Technology Operators Association met B.Bolor-Erdene, Chairman of Communication and Information Technology, introduced about purpose and direction of activities of the Association briefly and exchanged opinions on the future cooperation mutually.

U.Tamir, Executive Director of the Association said that Mongolian Information and Communication Operators Association cooperated to be adopted amendments into the law on Communication, law on Radio wave, and law on Post at the State Great Khural, and give proposals to law on Preventing and combating Coronavirus pandemic and updated draft law on Housing. For the latest two years the association has agreed to increase outcome and importance of ICT EXPO event and has created tradition to conduct forum to talk about opportunities to implement digital transformation, pressing issues, their solutions and output. Highlighted that working group has worked in cooperation with Communication Regulatory Commission and Communication and Information Technology Authority to protect communication network, which is a basic platform of digital transformation, determine existence, pressing issues and solutions causing to establish user network and expressed results of the working group have been ready to introduce to management of the branch and requested to render support on it from new management of the agency.  

The Association expressed to support governmental e-service and requested to make definite solution of policy on avoiding from the duplicated governmental investment using existed technological opportunities and advantages of operator companies in the digital transformation of other governmental sectors. Also mentioned some governmental services, opportunities, which operator companies might propose in digital transformation of banking sector and experience on cooperation.  

For the past 3 years the definite issue, raised by the association has been to renew policy of the obligatory fund of public service and improve governance and expressed that it has agreed with the new management of the agency on it and informed to cooperate in it.

B.Bolor-Erdene said that it has had plan to introduce and discuss about digital literacy to citizens, public and other sectors to implement digital transformation successfully and has been interested in reconnaissance survey on understanding and knowledge about digital transformation conducted by the association and monitoring of the media and expressed that it has desire to cooperate in it.  

In this way it was meeting of mutual understanding that Communication and information technology authority and Mongolia Information and Communication Operators Association shall develop their future cooperation sustainably and effectively and cooperate in the framework of E-Mongolia programme.