181 governmental services shall be introduced online

Webinar on how to train citizens to application of the governmental e-service and organize activity to introduce to the public was organized by the Communication and Information Technology Authority in cooperation with representation of Digital Governance Academy of Estonia and Ministry of Digital transformation of Ukraine on 27 August 2020.

In the webinar participated related officials including N.Uchral, Parliament member, Head of Standing E-Policy Committee, B.Bolor-Erdene, Chairman of the Communication and Information Technology Authority, J.Tamir, Head of Information Technology department of the Secretariat of Government representing Mongolia and from Estonia Hannes Astok, Vice Director of Strategy and development of Digital Governance Academy of the country and E-Government expert, Catherine Pagmai, former manager in charge of Communication of Information system agency of Estonia and Valeriya Ionan, Deputy Minister of Digital transformation of Ukraine participated in it. In this webinar participated U.Tamir, Executive Director of Mongolian Information and Communication Operators Association.

In order to deliver governmental service in adequate, transparent and easy way without any bureaucracy from the Government of Mongolia “E-Mongolia” platform has been developed taking E-Governance of the Republic of Estonia as an example.

N.Uchral, Parliament member, Head of Standing Committee on Innovation and E-Policy highlighted “The Government of Mongolia has raised many objectives on making digital transformation and has reflected activity to organize digital transformation in each sector in the action plan of the Government for the next four years. Therefore furthermore we will deliver governmental service with the assistance of one e-platform of E-Mongolia to citizens. It has planned to deliver totally 181 services online simultaneously and at the present time 106 services have transmitted into the digital platform. In the middle of October an official platform of E-Mongolia will be opened”.

Representatives of Estonia and Ukraine shared experience including methods to determine target groups firstly, conduct campaign for them, determine basic partners including investors, popular, active and initiative people of media and society and create effective cooperation and challenges in order to improve knowledge and understanding of citizens and the public and learn to use the platform to develop governmental e-service and participants of the webinar asked their questions  and expressed their opinions mutually.

Ms. B.Bolor-Erdene, Chairman of Communication and Information Technology introduced activities to be done and to be planned on Public relations in the framework of E-Mongolia programme and highlighted the webinar has been important to implement them.