Are journalists ready for Digital transformation?

Due to COVID19 coronavirus pandemic condition “Morning meetings”, which are organized among the members of the Association, have been postponed temporarily. But complying with the regulation on emergency to keep distance meeting to introduce media monitoring results and questionnaire on “Are journalists ready for Digital transformation” was organized on 8 July 2020. In the meeting 16 representatives of chairmen and specialists in charge of PR and strategy of the member organizations participated and exchanged their opinions.

In the statue of the association it specifies that one of the main activity directions of the association is to organize Public relations activities aiming at improving education of the society on Information and communication sector, deliver and construe actual information on activities of the member organizations to the society, and promote and advertise contribution to the society. This survey, which has been made in the framework of the activity “to support members to cooperate in the sphere of social responsibility policy on giving digital education” specified in the action plan 2020 of the association, was made by “Independent education and development center” NGO.



Knowledge and understanding of journalists on new opportunities of development, achievement and technology of Information and communication and their impacts to the society and economics have been studied through questionnaire method from 70 journalists of newspapers, websites and local publication, which have been conducting their activities at the national level and reconnaissance on which content publishing news and information about the information and communication sector with in websites, daily newspapers and publication was conducted through making monitoring for 660 articles of all issues of 3 daily newspapers with the largest readership in 2019 and 302 information published in websites in 2019.



Researchers made conclusion that the survey results have shown knowledge and understanding of journalists on development, achievement and technology of information and communication and digital transformation have been inadequate, however modern trend words and phrases including “digital transformation”, “the fourth industrial revolution”, “internet of things”, “machine intelligence” are commonly used, general content has been broached, it has been mostly sophomoric topical news and interviews without any specific research and facts expressing the position of only one side and it has decreased significance of the important topics.

89 percent of published articles in the newspapers have been articles, which easily broached issues of the level only to inform and be cognized in the framework of the topics and paid articles and 11 percent have been creation raised issues and searched for solution and existence and none of creation, which made analysis on issues and studied and delved it, was registered. But in the survey report it was mentioned that there was none of information with too much negative or too much positive attitude, there were many creations of journalism searching for solution and existence and it confirms that some journalists have interviewed it regularly and have had attitude to be specialized.

But 92 percent of published creation of journalism in the websites have been information of the level to inform and be cognized in the framework of the topics and 7 percent have been creation raised issues in the framework of the broached topics and searched for solution and existence and 1 percent was significant creation of journalism, which analyzed the issue and delved it. It is crucial to mention that 14 percent of interviews, 8 percent of reportages and 21 percent of articles have been directed to the topic deeply and attempted to broach the issue from many sides. In other words, researchers emphasized that creation of journalism of news portals have been few as for its quantity and these creations have been not bad as for their quality. 

Each member introduced with the survey results and participants of the meeting concerted which activities the association would organize furthermore and cooperate on it.