Construction norms and regulations of Mongolia

5 working groups including specialists and staff of the member organizations of the association were organized near the Mongolian Information Communication Operators Association and have been working to improve law, policy and regulatory environment and update standards, norms and normative.  

By the subscription of Construction development center the activity to develop “Norm and regulation on Construction information and communication and management system network draft and design” newly has been executed by the joint team of Information and Communication Network State-owned Company and Mongolian Information and Communication Operators Association (MICOA).

D. Myanganbaatar, Head of Technical Utilization of Information and Communication Network State-owned Company, consultant engineer has been working as a project team leader, specialists and researchers including Ts. Bold, General engineer of Skynetworks LLC, Honored teacher of Mongolia, consultant engineer, U.Tamir, Executive Director of MICOA, O.Otgonbayar, Site development and construction engineer of Mobicom Corporation, T.Batsaikhan, Director of Infrastructure department of Unitel LLC, B. Ulziibayar, draft and design specialist of Mongolian Telecommunication Shareholding Company, S.Enkhmunkh, draft and design engineer of “Arbel Altai” LLC have been working in the team. Ts.Erdenetsetseg, Honored communication operator of Mongolia, consultant engineer and T.Enkhtuul, ISO trainer and consultant engineer of Mongolia T.Enkhtuul have been working as consultants.

Information and communication technology has developed rapidly and service types and coverage have expanded day by day and in connection with it consumption of consumers has changed absolutely and they have used modern advanced communication service. It is crucial to plan infrastructure, line and network, which provide opportunity to introduce new technology service depending on this demand of consumers in accordance with the international standard and from it the background to develop this regulation has been raised.

Nowadays construction and apartment have become “SMARTER” and systematization and network have connected with each component of infrastructure of construction and facility. This is fundament to introduce internet of things (IoT) in order to make analysis on process and activity running in the building, put control completely, facilitate life of people living and working in it easier, increase their comfort, and save reverse. Through adopting regulations specified in this norm and regulation many difficult and undecided problems, which have to reach to establish nonstandard network to create information and communication network shall be decided and infrastructure, line and network of construction, which are required to introduce information and communication network and construction management system to construct buildings, towns and blocks containing modern smart building characters, shall be indicated and planned in the construction design and draft.

Currently the norm and regulation have been developed, proposals have been taken from Communication and Information Technology Authority and Communication Regulatory Commission and totally 22 organizations of the sector, suggestions and conclusion of expert appointed by Construction development center have been indicated, it has been discussed in the Council of Science and Technique and Technology for Information and Communication and has been taken support at the sectorial level. Suggestions and comments from related specialists of Construction sector and business entities of design and draft business entities have been indicated and it has worked to be adopted the draft regulation by the Professional Council of Construction development center and the Council of Science and Technique and Technology of the Ministry of Construction and Urban development.