“Opportunity to implement unified system of unified license” was made

The regular discussion on concept, international tendency of the unified exclusive license, preparedness for implementing it in our country and what we can do, was conducted among the Association members on 01 November 2019. In the meeting heads and specialists of legal departments, representatives of the Association members, A.Luvsan-Ochir, Head of Communication technology and coordination of CRC and Kh.Ninjbolor, senior specialist participated by the invitation. 

Nowadays rapid change of communication and information technology and business convergence has been intensified, regulation of exclusive license has renewed and transferred from individual and class license of the beginning of liberalization into the unified exclusive license.

 It means that according to creating new service and updating their business models more flexible method issued opportunity to create new service and conduct many service by one license has been started to use. But transformation process into the unified exclusive license has not run so rapidly, as for today only 13% of 195 countries of the world has implemented unified system of exclusive license. As for Mongolia current system, classification and type of exclusive license are generally similar to Malaysia and Singapore and classification of exclusive license has been unified since 2010 and changed to have general nomination as preparation to transfer to the unified exclusive license. 

It is necessary to settle the following issues to transfer into the unified system of exclusive license. Particularly service fee of exclusive license regulation and radio frequency payment are different depending on service classification and thus it is necessary to estimate payment very well to issue exclusive license. As for each classification of exclusive license service framework, activity field, utilization of radio frequency, numbering, term of exclusive license, rights and duties are comparatively different, and thus it is necessary to work to connect them, conduct regulation to unite or disqualify it.

The Communication Regulatory Commission considered that complying with the recommendation of the World telecommunication association of 2015 it is crucial to look in large scale in the framework of concept on “Smart city” and follow business model tendency newly creating following technological development. Therefore participants of the discussion agreed that it is necessary to discuss with service providers and take understanding on how this process runs in our country, where business development is and conduct much more interview and discussion on which service the unified exclusive license should be started to use for.

In the discussion the association introduced united proposals of the association members to the law on License, submitted to the Parliament and the draft law on License and exchanged their opinions. They concerted that it is necessary to counteract indicating about shortening term of exclusive license and taking into consideration on features of the completely liberalized sector in these laws.