Morning meeting on discussion topics for the Ministry of Digital Development and Communications

On September 7, 2022, MICOA held its regular morning meeting to consider the topics for discussion with officials of the Ministry of Digital Development and Communications (MDDC). These topics include proposals to improve the legal and operating environment for member organizations and issues requiring policy support.

The meeting included 19 participants from member organizations, including technology and strategy executives and specialists.

In the past, Information and Communications Technology sector did not have a dedicated ministry and operated with government agency support. MICOA members agreed to emphasize the need for the MDDC to participate in solving issues facing the industry on a government level, coordinate the ICT policies with others, voice industry concerns and protect its interests.

The meeting participants agreed on several high-priority issues for the ministry to address. Examples include reforms in the Land and Housing Laws, policy and governance of the USOF, the ICT network that serves as the base for digital transformation, and the new "Right of way" regulations.