TRAINING COURSE: Human Exposure to Fifth Generation (5G) Electromagnetic Fields: Guidelines, Measurements & Case Studies


5th Generation (5G) network is currently in the implementation phase. The implementation of key 5G radio technologies such as millimeter wave, beamforming, and small cell requires specific guidelines, standards, and measurement and methodology if compared to legacy technology. Meanwhile, misunderstanding of the public regarding human exposure to 5G EMF results in public resistance to 5G roll-outs. The course aims to provide a systematic view of the 5G EMF covering guidelines, standards, measurement methodology, and case studies in order to address the misunderstanding of human exposure to 5G EMF.


Upon completion of this training course, participants will be able to acquire the following:

  • Describe the mobile base stations and devices EMF emission
  • Explain the relationship between 5G radio technology and EMF
  • Specify international guidelines and standards on 5G EMF exposure limits
  • Discuss public education strategy for public acceptance of 5G
  • Stipulate the in-lab EMF and SAR measurement methodology
  • Establish the on-site EMF measurement methodology
  • Identify best practices through a 5G EMF measurement case study


This course will bring together leading specialists in the field; executives, managers, officials, engineers, employees from policymakers, regulators, government organizations, telecom operators, vertical industries, telecom investment companies, researchers, and academia in the field of 5G and EMF. Other institutions and individuals are also welcome to participate.

TRAINING DATE: 10 Oct 2022 - 16 Oct 2022 

TRAINING TYPE: Online instructor-led


TRAINING ORGANIZER: Wireless Communication Centre, UTM

TRAINING FEE: $100 ("Early Bird promotion", from 04 Jan 2022 to 10 Sep 2022. Get 20$ off!)




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