Legal coordination concerning to the business providers in information and communication sector

The regular morning meeting of the members of the association was organized on 21 November 2019 and totally 24 people including head, specialists and senior specialists of the legal department participated.

At this time lawyer and researcher L.Galbaatar was invited and introduced his survey on “Legal coordination concerning to business providers in information and communication sector.

In the framework of one of the main objectives of the association on “To attract participation and actual contribution of all members and coordinate operation in order to improve business environment to create effective, healthy and sustainable growth and development” this survey has been made aiming at studying legal coordination to influence in currently existing laws and regulations and our business operation and determine direction on making legal reform and necessary changes.

One of objectives of this survey is to change working conditions and opportunities to be understandable in the legal framework to introduce new service and business model in connection with renewal of technique and technology.

By the present time there have been currently existing 700 laws in force in Mongolia and at average 40 laws are adopted a year. There has been survey result that The State Great Khural adopted 256 laws between 2013-2018 and 58 cases, which infringed the Constitution, revealed. Except it there have been 1062 acts fixed administrative norms.

To conduct operation in communication sector it depends on legal coordination, which charges with common and special obligation and responsibility except laws of the sector.

Coordination with common obligations consists of obligations to protect individual and organizational confidentiality, prevent from crime and terrorism, protect consumers, pay tax and protect buildings and facilities.

Coordination with special obligation consists of obligations to fulfill conditions and requirements of the exclusive license, not limit competition, save energy, improve working and living conditions and environment for disabled people and give information of consumers to investigator, intelligence service and authorized officials.

Also there have been regulation to charge with responsibility in the law on Infringement and Criminal law and acts on administrative Technology Authority and Communication Regulatory Commission.

Lawyer and researcher L.Galbaatar introduced about coordination concerning to us in “Draft law on E-information safety” and “Draft law on Data protection”, which have been prepared to submit to the State Great Khural.

Participants of the meeting asked questions regard with the survey, asked some questions including problems facing to legal implementation and opportunity to solve them in the legal framework, exchanged their opinions and expressed their desire to study some coordination, which has caused problem in practice and considered it is crucial to present proposals on it to the association.