Communication sector has an important role for developmental policy and planning of Mongolia

D.Erdenebayar, Head of Sectoral policy coordination department of Authority for National development was invited and participated as a regular “Morning guest” organized by the Association. In the meeting 14 representatives of member organizations of the Association participated, listened to information on process of electronic system implementing by the Authority for National development and discussed mutually about it.

 It is considered that development of Mongolia will be advanced for 50 years through creating the united system by the Authority for National development and it has developed platform. Firstly, it has planned to introduce system aiming at determining developmental index of 21 aimags of Mongolia, opening ceremony will be planned in December. It aims at presenting developmental index, macro and micro market environment and level of each sector as for all the spaces in Mongolia in this system and cloud technology united aimags, soums, bags, Parliament, ministries, and governmental agencies will be utilized. Through introducing the system comprehensive information of 21 aimags can be taken at the same time and it will be operated open and free of charge for each person.

As well as comprehensive system including cultural and industrial electronic system, electronic system of the worldwide Mongolians, electronic system of unemployment and poverty, electronic system of transport and logistics should be done for the nearest 5 years. Cooperation to continuously develop “big data” of developmental policy and planning covering all these is needed. It is open for you to tell your proposals on how to participate to develop the platform. It highlighted that as for our authority it is fully possible to cooperate with private sector and this sector. 

The Authority for National development highlighted that information has been important on how many percent of the territory covered and where it cannot connect to network exchanging opinions on which information of Communication sector will be inserted into the system. The members of the Association asked and clarified what the life cycle of this platform will be and how much reliable it is. It is considered that as result of the meeting it is possible to introduce this issue to the Board, establish working group at the Association level and determine which information and at which level will be inserted into the system.