In “Morning guest” met O.Amartuvshin, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mongolia

O.Amartuvshin, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mongolia was invited  as a guest of the regular “Morning meeting and interview” on 03 October 2019, introduced about policy and activities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mongolia, and discussed on how to cooperate with businessmen of information and communication sector.

The purpose and objectives of the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and industry to improve business environment, ensure participation of businessmen to improve Laws, regulations and policy concerning to business, protect common interest, expand market for members and businessmen and render support of all kinds to increase competitiveness, meet with the purpose and main direction of Mongolian Information and Communication Operators Association and to develop cooperation and partnership is common interest of both parties.

President of the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry O.Amartuvshin introduced “The Chamber has kept the direction to unite business entities and organizations as its one policy in the framework of the objectives on how to unite private sector, protect interest of businessmen in policy and decision of the  government, intake them and become their united voice. We consider that there have been many practices in each sector similar to your association to unite and discuss about their problem and it is necessary for the chamber to unite each sector, consider issues in larger scale and mapping and connect sectors. One of our abandoned issues is intersectional understanding. Each sector cooperates to discuss about their issues, protect and develop the sector on the whole and prepare personnel. To talk the issues and mutually understand with the government all of you unite and talk and it is crucial to reach to the united understanding. In the world the standard has fixed organizations of the private sector establish its chamber in each sector, these branch chambers unite, constitute presidents of each branch chamber and council of the national chamber, vote president among them and work with the united policy. In this case it can cooperate with the government efficiently and settle dependence of sectors. Therefore we must go before businessmen and lead them and now we consider we shall dissociate and work open and work on it. The chamber has conducted braining on how to make lobby correctly to the government in cooperation with external experts. Meanwhile, it has worked to put businessmen at the market of the world and neighbor countries. Communication and information technology sector is one of the leading sectors, which have developed rapidly and has kept pace with the world standard and thus we think it is a sector, which feels, accepts new policy and objectives of the chamber and operates.”

Members of the Association said their proposals on the pressing issues and direction of cooperation and mutually exchanged their opinions.

We have conducted business based on knowledge and quick rotation of investment environment and have constituted economics using foreign currency and thus however income and results of our sector have decreased and investment amount has increased depending on currency rate and inflation rate, we have not overburdened this pressure to consumers and service price and tariff was decreased over 20 percent in nominal price. We consider that it is able to meet with the international standard and premium in measurements including company governance, business ethics and customer care, establishment of feedback with customers. However there has been no direct governmental pressure in our sector, some indirect pressure influence in business environment negatively. For example, Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection puts penalty 1-2 times a year, the government has followed the policy to increase taxes and particularly, centralizing 2% from the income before tax to the USOF, has become additional tax pressure. In the discussion of the draft law on Broadcasting one more fund might be established and this way there have been many things to worsen business environment. As for us it is crucial to renew digital measurement and interconnection of the sector and coordination depending on the world tendency, that Communication and Information Technology becomes developmental accelerator of other sectors and becomes necessities in all the social sectors. Therefore we need to develop cooperation with the government under the united policy. Therefore expressed desire to join to the legal reform of the laws on License, special fund of the government and Broadcasting for discussion at the State Great Khural and cooperate to establish chamber of the sector and create standard in accordance with the new policy of the chamber.

Also it is to consider it is possible to cooperate on larger issues including to effectively utilize technological advantages of communication and information technology, particularly smart city and safety city and to enter to foreign market.

The Association expressed confidence in the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has improved and wanted to develop cooperation and agreed to talk more in details.

     Moreover, it is to consider that it is possible to utilize advantages of Information and Communication technology, particularly to cooperate in larger issues including smart city and safety city and come on the foreign market. Thus the Association expressed that confidence in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mongolia has improved and desire to develop cooperation and agreed to meet on this issue again and discuss about it in details.