Issues related to build the network, including backbone and access network, urban infrastructure 

The forum was organized among managers, supervisors, engineers and technical staff of the member organizations of the association on 26 June 2019 and totally 26 people participated in it.  

Problems facing to establishment of infrastructure, network, particularly, establishment of network in settled area, utilization and service of established network have been accumulated for many years and participants of the forum agree that it is crucial to consider and discuss problems comprehensively and look for the solutions. As for problems facing to us should be considered in three directions regard with tower base station, construction, apartment and as well as urban extension and network planning.

In the forum the proposals of the following solutions have been issued:

  1. To conduct activities to cooperate with the Ministry of Road Transport Development, the Ministry of Urban Development and other related organizations and agencies and conduct training on standard to consider issues concerning to tower base station, construction, apartment and urban extension and network planning comprehensively
  2. To search opportunities to be settled solution to solve problems to facilitate process to put base station and network to the state commission and insert network into database strip duplicated in the framework of activities to implement amendments of the law on Communication
  3. To calculate rental standard of Housing Owners Association jointly and propose them and find solution discussing the issue to organize access network comprehensively among the members  

Made and introduced action plan united proposals and solutions raised in the forum at the Board meeting. Made decision to specify in the annual action plan of the Association and work by stages.